Content Definition

What is Content Marketing per definition? What can you do with it? Wherefore do you need it? All that is explained here.


What is this? That is the content of a website.

Mostly defined as text.

Another word for it is copy.

But also images and video are part of it.


What is this? That is every contact with the customer.

Not only the advertisement that goes out.

Also a customer feedback should be taken by the marketing department.

So it is about the client.

Content marketing now defines a line, which you define, and pull through the website.

It is a style book, in which you pin down, how you talk.

Also social media is part of it.

Although these are only there to define your brand image.

Many think social media has to be filled with text and images.

And you have to have many likes.

But is is — not — about that.

You must represent your brand.

Make a quiz or a competition with prices.

Post news of the social area, in which you do good.

Content marketing should always relate to a feeling.

A feeling that evoces an emotion at the customer.

If you are making music for example, it is good to produce thrill.

lieb dich brand agency works with the claim to be stressless.

This is also an emotion, you can sell with.

Many older people like the bottom line of security in your Content Marketing.

That everything tomorrow is as it is today.

That you can place as claim.

So the definition of Content Marketing is, to fullfill the demand of your customer.

With as much text as possible? No.

That is — not — meant here.

Everything is possible, not everything helps.

So watch what you are writing.

Every sentence is defined.

Every word.

If you do this, then you grasped the definition of Content Marketing by lieb dich brand agency.

We wish you much success.

In your Content Marketing.

And your business.