Content Marketing Strategy

What is a Content Marketing Strategy? How does one best use it? What can you do, to do your own? How does lieb dich brand agency use it? All these questions are answered here.

The best Content Marketing strategy is aimed at emotional binding of your customers. You have to hit one or more of 300 points. This or these you follow through the whole content concept. So there are 2 aims. To bind the customer and Google on you. How do you do that?

First of course there is a good Google position. Without that you have no readers. Or your customers come by 60% after sale on your website. So you first have to bring real content. And best about a topic with emotional binding. You do not serve customers today anymore with features. But you offer customers an emotional safety. For example if you sell insurances.

So you just can plan the whole Content Marketing strategy on the emotional binding onto your company. Best you go to Google and get proposals. How do you do that? You just type into the search box a term of your segment. And see what others search. This term you take now and make a text out of it. Remember that writing for web is another kind of text. It should be easy. Easy to digest, and easy to read.

Users are always more on other websites than on yours. So remember: As soon as you are on top of Google, people come and read your texts. So lieb dich brand agency always writes some nonsense. But ther is always some backing to not totally screw up. Google also can read. Best is the pyramid.

Write a summary on top. This you can use as preview. Then you keep getting more detailed, and with more text. Slowly increasing. So everybody who ready has just what one needs. If one stops in the middle, one still read the usable part. If one wants to know more, then one just reads to the end.

So you can write interesting texts. Which inform the reader. And bind onto you. And let you get richer. Much success.