It all began with God’s creation of the earth.

The big bang is an invention by the church and says, that the core of the matter had to be destroyed also, to create the universe.

God perhaps did not need destruction, to create something, but so the theory goes.

Also Jesus and the following of Jesus is creative destruction.

He requires leaving of plough and family, to follow him.

An Exodus.

That runs until the I.
So one is perhaps called to be an artist.

What can one do? Is one not in competition to the almighty creator of this earth and all its creatures, which praise and glorify him? What is the spiritual halt one can have to be creatively active?
The losing of the ego causes a power, to do what is wanted by God.

Let us call it the third will.

The will Adam and Eve had in paradise, as they were not seduced by the snake yet.

There is of course the natural will (German law term), the sick will, here a lot is implicit, that a listening to the higher is anchored in the worldly law.

And there is the free will.

The listening to God or the devil, let us say so.

But as an artist you already have lost, if you only consider the will of the devil.

One has to be free to obey God.

The devil is always destruction, or if he promises something to you, he will hold at it, until you step into difficulties.

Then he will leave you and leave you to fate.

Which can be not so good, because God meets the holy holy and the bad badly.

So you lost.

Monster, can you promise to me one hour of my life, says St.

Ignatius of Loyola.

And right he is, the devil will not help with creation, with nourishes the soul.

It will be a monstrous work of art which you created there, do you look him into the throat, you are ripe for a never escapable mental illness.

Yes, you become crazy.

So it is already written in the 16.

century classic Cloud of Unknowing.

You want to be an artwork.

Being created is the nature of the human, creation nature of God.

So you have to be empty.

Being empty to create.

The spirit of God has to fill you, and you can create in his name.

Now there is no use, to give up ones ego-limits.

You have to have a strong ego to communicate with God, but it has to be empty.

You have to give up, what was inside before.

God will take it from you.

Are you ready for the third will?
Do you just want to create an artwork? Just take a sampler and steal some music or tone (do not release it) and cut and chop and change the material so long, until you created something usable.

Now you destroyed something although created something.

How was the feeling? It is something strange, not having taken own source material.

10 years or longer I have worked like this.

Today own material is taken, that was specifically created, and it feels better.

But an artist that paints, does neither destroy, you will say.

He is much closer to destroying its own belovedments, to create a source product, that also appeals to the senses of the observer.

More about that in our second part.

But do not think you are a creator, only the emptiness of your spirit, the receiver and sender, can pass you the rich gift of the ubernice creation.

See Michelangelo and all the others, which had so huge success with their church paintings, and still appeal with their beauty to the senses of the observer.

Something like that you want to do.

For that you are called, when you are called to be an artist.

I now have much experience in creation, and can tell you, that you need the discernment of spirits, to really create the creative, for everybody assessable in high-quality.

Only to use your small ideas out of the mind is not enough.

You have to ask for a vision.

That realises very easy as image in your mind, or music, you are hearing.

That is a true creation, and to devote oneself to the faith of God is an exercise, which is used in many spiritualities and religions.

So lay back your head, and ask for an enlightment: Take it, enlighten my mind, so nothing bad is clouding my sense.

— Ignatius of Loyola.

Like this you can lay aside your old habits and everything which keeps you from creating the big.

That is what is saying the macroeconomic theory of Schumpeter is saying.

Old superfluous is destroyed, aimed on the creation of a new capability.

Take the Pareto principle.

It says, that 20% of the people in Italy in old times held 80% of the wealth.

Out of that was built, that one can with the 20% of the clients, which bring 80% of the revenue, cause an expansion.

By destroying the the 80% that bring 20% revenue, and restricting on offering the products and services that bring more.

And marketing these correspondingly.

See, you destroyed now something, 80% of the offer, but caused a growth with it.

How can that be? That is like cutting old, sick material out of a plant or a body, so the rest can grow.

Now you want to perform something creative.

Always the question again: How does one do that, without stepping too close to the creator of all creations? Taking oneself for a god? It is very easy.

Be nothing.

Let you fill be the grace of God.

An artist always has the difficult task to lead the other, unreal, intangible world to be tangible in the world of senses and meet a statement.

There are many theories, that ideas exist in an own world, and we have only part in it.

A table.

The idea of a table is 4 legs and a board on it.

Out of that one can get creative: Learn the rules, love the rules, break the rules.

Make a table with 5 legs, which is round, and one can still identify a table.

Make a rectangle one with 5 legs, and that can already be an offensiveness.

You see, the ideas are clearly defined.

Go and ask an artisan, a master, which he thinks of new ideas.

It first has to be verified, that your mind did not play you tricks, and you hold for an idea, what in the world of the ideas, in the spirit, does not exist.

That would be bad.

Because we are spiritual beings.

Now one can of course create a trend out of the idea.

But it can be, that by a collective taste-errant, the idea prevails.

We need a true view, into the world of ideas.

As for example the two inventors of the telephone, Bell and Reis, nearly at the same time invented the device.

They had a view into the world of ideas.

They only converted, what God prepared for them.

That was a great performance, a great creative one.

Now do not think, that one does not have to have knowledge for that.

First you have to study technics to come there at all.

Why, will you say? One does only learn rules, that restricts.

That is plainly thought wrongly.

Rules make free.

You can rebind to something, and without awe and precaution concentrate on your things.

Rebinding means religion.

religare—to bind back.


That of course works best, if you bind back to the christian God.

What great arts of work arose from that.

You know, it already is written multiple times, that islamic believers dream of Jesus? You know Jesus is the highest prophet of the Islam, and it is also believed that he will come back, but that is something completely different now.

It is like with a house, which you build on sand.

Comes the storm and the water, then the house tumbles down.

Build it on rock.

Then you are hearing the words of Jesus, take a vision and build an artwork, that deserves the name.


The catholic church wants progress.

That is the fundamental sign for the catholic belief, an arrow.

A ray.

A time bar.

Jesus and his words reveal in the course and progress of history.

Jews have more a circle.

Jahwe has led us out of Egypt, so he exists.

I do not want of course say at all, that Jews are regressive.

But the religion of our older brothers, to rely on innovation.

There is the story with the talents in the New Testament.

One, who buries its talents, gets heavily punished.

That is a clue again, that an artist shall be artistically active, and is expected, that he is.

But always fertile, relying on the Spirit of God.

You make small artorks, God makes your small artworks and enormous artworks.

That is however good.

Payment you get for that.

Or like van Gogh only for one artwork in his life.

But therefore all the more payment in heaven, we are praying.

So get a 9%mdash;5 job and cancel it only, when you learned business, and after all reason the success bringing keeps existing.

Vanity is all, if not given by God.

So have an exit strategy, because there were already kingdoms given away with a “wrong” signature.

I mean, a millionaire can lose its whole belongings with the signature to buy a yacht, if he does not read the small print, and there is a contract for further going services.

Or in this line.

You are following me.

Only for precaution, so you do not say: I become an artist now, this text in the Internet told me so.

Becoming an artist yes, but wanting to live from that...well where are you living.

If you very heavily exclaim holy, holy, and throwing down before God, then he perhaps promises you grace, which lets you live from that, but that is not written here in the text.

And to call off the devil.

Just “no” and no discussing.

The free will is there, this gave the one before which was no other created, and after which will not be created another to you.

So use it.

No to the snake, no to the fruit of the forbidden tree.

A prohibition that lets you live.


That is like the prohibition, to stick your fingers into a plug socket.

Lets you live.

Try it.

I mean the life.


Are you distressed by an emotional barrier, then why not try to bring it creatively into the world.

Perhaps you then get behind the emotional processes, and can demount.

Demount, the hatred sticking in you, demount, the fear sticking in you.

Just paint an image, let yourself be guided by the holy spirit, because he is the real artist.

Perhaps you just learn, to handle your emotions, and work through them in something beautiful.

What a self image does that give you? Is that not nice, that you, even if poor and left alone, can create something beautiful? Like this you can meet other persons on the street just very differently.

Something starts to shine, inside you.

The others can see that.

Negotiations will be running very differently.

You give value to others.

You become fertile.

Not as the grim artist, who paints ships.

Possibly down to the detail.

Radical esthetics is to be fascinated by the capaciousness and magnitude of beauty but still bringing into play the border experience and brokenness of all finite.

—Werner Holter SJ
A human experience that is.

You want to be human? The one, who God gave something higher than the angels? On what he in the paradise was jelous then, and wanted to take that from you.

You see, I am connecting times.

Are you not in the paradise, if you have it in your own hands, to just create something beautiful? Then the devil comes, and wants to take it from you.

Rely on that.

Then one should stick tar pitch, tallow and hairs into the throat.

I am able to lick off tar pitch, tallow and hairs, you beast not.

Tell him that.

And do not discuss.


The free will is effective.

God given and for ever.