“The famous whip on a lame horse, until it breaks.”

Metamphetamin, better known as Crystal, Crystal meth, Meth, Ice or Yaba, is a synthetic stimulant on Amphetamine Basis.

Crystal is mostly sold as white powder or in crystalline form.

More rarely it is attainable as tablet or capsule.

The substance is usually nasally consumed.

More risky and less widespread is the consumption form of smoking ( and of injecting ).

The effect duration can be between 6 - 12 hours, on high dose rates possibly over 20 hours.

Chronic Crystal consumers with above all risky consumption patterns ( smoking, injecting ) degrade with time not only bodily but above all mentally.

A complete regeneration of brain cells sometimes is only measurable after an abstinence of one year.


In its effect Crystal is similar to Amphetamine ( Speed ).

Since it anyway does cross the blood-brain barrier faster and floods onto higher concentrations in the brain, the high effect is much more severe.

This is why Crystal is much more potent in smaller dose rates than Speed.
Needs as hunger, thirst and sleep get suppressed.

On the other hand metabolism and aspiration are heightened.

In comes an euphoric mood-augmentation, also heightened self-esteem.

The sexual desire is above all heightened on declining effect.

Acute negative side-effects can be tremor, concern, sleep-dysfunctions, an heightened motoric activity as well as heightened aggression.
After the down there are mainly bad temper, extreme hunger as well as a long sustained deep sleep the outcomes of the consumption.


Frequent, high dose rated consumption of Crystal has a high demand on the body.

By suppression of the hunger feeling and through a lack of mineral and vitamin supply it can lead to a weakening of the immune komplex as well as a high weight loss.

Steady nervosity, sleep and circulatory komplex dysfunction, skin inflammations ( “Speed spots” ) as well as damaging of the mucous membrane of the nose and the nasal septum while sniffing are common risks of a long sustained consumption.

Possible are also memory and concentration dysfunctions, bad temper and low stimulus.
Above all after long phases of consumption without breaks, it can lead through the lack of sleep to visual and acoustic hallucinations and paranoid states.

The danger of a psychic dependency is through the strong high much likely.

The aftermath

After the Crystal consumption it comes to distinct after effects, which can stay for several days.

These are supposedly in connection with the empty Dopamine and Noradrenalin reservoir in the brain, which only fill up very slowly.

The after effects are by the consumer often felt as “being on turkey” and lead to circular consume.

This comes with the danger, that the rare consumption on weekends leads to a daily basis.

Mixture consumption

The mixture consumption of Crystal with other stimulants ( Speed, Cocaine, etc.

) leads above all to an increased load of the circulatory komplex of the heart.
Crystal & alcohol: Through taking Crystal you nearly do not feel the effects of alcohol.

This seduces to an heightened alcohol consumption, which can end with an alcohol intoxication.

The aggression potential gets lifted.
Crystal & Cannabis: Cannabis can smooth out some Crystal typical effects ( e.g.

the motion urge ).

The intensity and length of the Cannabis effect can be elongated by Crystal.

Especial straining of the circulatory komplex!
Crystal & Ecstasy: Crystal interferes with the effect of Ecstasy and fades it out.

Heavy liquid loss and the danger of overheating.

Safer use

Think before the consumption about how long you want to be awake and do not suppress the need for sleep through Crystal.

Crystal is already in much smaller dose rates than Speed potent! Instead of sniffing, swallow the Crystal rather in “small bombs”, since this preserves your mucous membranes of the nose and lowers the infection risk.
On teeth grinding or a “chew-flash” a bubble gum helps, to relieve the chewing muscles.
Eat enough after the consumption, to prevent weight loss.

Mind eating vitamin rich food
( vitamin C and vitamin D ) and a sufficient mineral supply ( iron, calcium and magnesium ).

Try to avoid alcohol, since mixture consumption strains the organism even more.

On appearing fear states of another person interact with the person calmingly, bring him/her to a quiet place and offer an alcohol free drink.

Excellent are always dextrose, magnesium or juices.

Mind safer sex, use condoms.

No consumption while being pregnant!

The oral intake in form of “small bombs” counts in comparison to sniffing, smoking or injecting as “more harmless”.

Break the Crystal as fine as possible, to preserve your nose.

Always use an own small tube and nose flushing.

Drink enough to compensate the liquid loss.

Mind a balanced nutrition, possibly take additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

Have elongated consumption breaks.

Also time outs from dancing are important.

Resign from wearing a hat or similar while dancing, to prevent an overheating.

Important are also teeth and teethridge care.

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