CSS Background-Image

What is CSS background image? How can you use it? When does lieb dich brand agency use it? All these questions we answer here.

A background image is placed into the background of an element. The difference to an image is, you can write on it. On top of it. That sometimes makes sense, if you make a button for example. Or if you have a pattern in the background of a Website. Like this you can create a surface, which looks real.

There are some commands to change a background image. For example if it should repeat. Automatically. Like this you can fill the whole background with a pattern. Also if it should stretch over the whole element.

Interestingly is also, that you can create a small copy protection like this. Because user cannot just save with the right mouse button. For that the user first has to go into the CSS code. But as said, it is just a small barrier. Do — not — have any hope, that anything you put on a Website cannot be copied.

lieb dich brand agency seldomly uses background image. Up until never. If we use an image in the background, then with position:absolute. That has more editing capabilities. It makes sense, if you want to make a pattern, or want to save memory. That always brings speed. For that it is enough to have a 1px wide image. And let it repeat. That loads fast.

Also we can imagine to use it for buttons. Then a DIV is just made, and in the background the image. For example an arrow. But do — not — be confused by us. There are many commands in CSS. And many come from the old times. When the design was — not — as modern. So we think, there it comes from.

A small tip at the end: Use it for your Icon. You can, as said, prevent thievery a bit. If somebody grasp it, he can do it. And knows what he is doing. But your Icon does — not — appear on pages where it does — not — belong. Nevertheless Google does — not — know how to use it. Because you cannot set an ALT attribute and name the image.