GHB / GBL Mind this!!

Effect entrance: 10 - 20 minutes after intake.

Effect duration: 1.5 hours - 3 hours.


Dose exactly and remember how much you took.

Do not take more right away, if the effect does not kick in immediately.

Usually overdoses happen through immediately taking more or mixture-consumption.


On measuring use always a syringe.

Through drinking in sips it can easily be overdosed.


Measuring is very difficult.

Experienced ones with consumption report, that on 50 kg body weight, 1ml can already be too much.

If the effect does not kick in immediately, one should not immediately take more.

In each case at least 3 hours of waiting.


Do not consume alone and tell your friends
- with what substance you took it,
- how much you are going to take or how much you took.
This can easily be the escape, if it comes to an emergency.


Watch your surround and your personal situation.

How do you feel? Are you feeling good? Do you have a positive feeling? With what expectation are you going to the party? With whom are you around? Do you trust the people in your surround? Do you feel safe with them and in good hands? Do you take care for each other?

These questions you should put onto yourself each time you take drugs.

If there are any doubts or there is a bad feeling residing in you, abstain from the consumption.


No car driving on drugs.

You risk accidents and your driving-license.


Remember safer-sex!


Take GHB or GBL never as a pure substance.

It is a vitriolic acid.


Never leave your glas unattended, so nobody applies GHB / GBL against your will to you.


Avoid mixture-consumption:

- GHB / GBL and alcohol do not fit.

It can lead to respiration-depression.
- GHB / GBL and opiates also have the effect of resiration-depression.
- GHB / GBL and milk can evoke strong nausea and vomiting.
- GHB / GBL and Poppers amplify each other, and then have a bloodpressure lowering and respiration-depressive effect.
- On consumption of GHB / GBL and Ecstasy it can lead to bodily illness.

This flyer is not supposed to be a manual for drug-consumption.

We only want to lower risks and to clarify.

You alone are in charge of your health and your life.

Be kind with it, you only have this one!

Support and clarification as well as anonyme mediating to further locations you can find at or FIXPUNKT Druckausgleich Berlin, Warthestr.

5, Tel: 030 6929198.