Little Bombs

Swallowing instead of sniffing.

Difference between swallowing and sniffing:
Do you swallow the powder, so it may take longer until it kicks in, but it has a lot of advantages.
On sniffing, the substance immediately disperses into the blood, on swallowing you have to wait 30 to 40 minutes until you feel some “turn”.
So better not immediately taking more, but conscious waiting.

Mind that Speed weakens the immune komplex and deprives the body of calcium.

Advantages by swallowing of “little bombs” or capsules are:
Your mucous membrane of the nose is not needlessly attacked.

No injury danger.

No burning in the nose.
The danger of infection, to contract an influenzal infection or hepatitis C, ceases to exist through swallowing.
No sore throat after consumption, since the stuff does not flow down the throat.
The eternal “running nose” and “pulling” has an end!

About the dose rate I cannot say that much, since it is differently from person to person, and it depends on your tolerance.

Also the dose rate depends on the body weight and the metabolism of any singular person.

Women mostly are able to bear less than men.

Find your dose rate by carefully approaching; rather start with less than with too much.

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