A Ketamine Equivalent with high potency and an opioid component.

It is embraced by “Research Medicals”.

Dose rate depends on the body weight.

Reportedly it is begun with approx.


After approx.

20 minutes the substance is washing-in.

It can be sniffed or intramuscular injected.

On intramuscular injection you should in any case use micro filters, since the danger of an abscess is very high.

Methoxetamine is embraced by the German BTMG ( controlled substances legislation ).

Methoxetamine is not researched.

There are no scientific proofs about the effect, side-effects and long term damages of this substance; that is why at present one must rely on user experiences.

Only the most experienced Psychonauts are trusted to try this stuff, since it is expected, that the ego dissolves ( psychosis ).

The substance’s effect is dissociative.

It is also described as a mixture from Ketamine and LSD, it be similar to DXM ( Antitussivum ).

It is also a total loss of the time feeling to be expected.

It can happen, that the consumer cannot articulate anymore and is only able to “babble”.

That is why you should never consume alone and tell your friends, what you took, so they can act in a case of emergency.

The group dynamics are pronounced.

On sniffing use your own little tube to not infect with infectious diseases!

Further effects:
Starting from not being able to walk anymore to an absolute motion impulse is everything described.

Also users perceived a certain feeling of light-footedness while walking, also from warmth until absolute sweating was everything perceived.

Feeling bad was described, it proves to be difficult to make the easiest things, on inclining of the turn ( e.g.

switching of the television ).

The reality perception seems to have breaks and goes on splitting and splitting.

Hot water will not be sensed as hot, since it is pointed out to not go bathing and also being cautious with hot drinks.

The body inserts info only very slowly into the brain.

Nonetheless the user seemingly knows: “this is a drug experience”, he is conscious of the fact.

Visual and acoustic hallucinations are kicking in.

Vibrating of the body.

The feeling of being an “Android”.

Identifications with objects are possible ( fire ), the conscious is in spite of that described as “clear”.

Also the danger of falls persists, to hurt oneself, since do not stay alone! Uncoordinated movements are performed and beastly grimacing.

All that was reported.

The turn ends between 3 hours and 8 hours.

The day after is described with a certain impulse weakness, the memory about the turn be available.

In exhausting phases of the turn it is best to lay down and to close the eyes, if possible.

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