SAFER USE concerning LSD

Ascorbic acid is 100% the same as vitamin C.

Should your trip form itself into a bad direction, it is recommended to take vitamin C.

That is supposed to dampen the trip.

Dilute ascorbic acid in water.

Do not take purely.

Valium also can stop a trip, that is however often not available
( call the ambulance in an emergency! )
Germany Tel: 112
USA Tel: 911
UK Tel: 999

Look for a quiet place and inform your friends, if anything gets uncomfortable.

Also touching the body of, empathic listening to and calming down a respective person can lead their trip into a nice direction again.

Out of stimulus saturated rooms.

Away from:
- loud music,
- lots of people.

Offer warm drinks, e.g.


Also eating something light can help.

At Eclipse there are always bananas.

;) ( Ask the security or cashier for the way to fruits ( e.g.

bananas ) in case of an emergency.


Try to keep the tripping person in the here and now, do not respond to stories in which the consumer is delving.

In general a good preparation and post processing of a trip is recommended.

Set and setting ( reliable surround and good psychic state ) are the basics for “crayon tripping”.

So watch out for each other!

Further info and counseling anonymously at:

Tel: +49 30 6929 198
or by “Kontakt” on