Status of the Earth

Hello Reader, this is a flowing chart, no story, about the status of the earth.

We are in the middle of the second decade, of the first century, of the second millenium.

TV shows news about Ukraine, where nobody looks through, Deutsche Bank is rigging the LIBOR, which nobody understands except bankers (which are a negated profession by now), and lying to the Bundesbank in hearings.

Financial Times reports

Carolin Kebekus is on the hunt for diminishing bad afternoon program in the TVs, and I am on the floor laughing.

Not about the status, Carolin Kebekus that is.

I am actually not laughing, because if I would do, I would miss the next attack of authoritative comedy, that makes your heart grow! So don’t learn German to understand Miss Kebekus, one will not be laughing! Haha, quality.

So to turn to the other pope&lsqou;s encyclical: “LAUDATO SI”.
Check Twitter for the firehose tweets he digged into one‘s nervous komplex on June the 18th and June the 19th — 2015:

That is all I know so far about the encyclical, but it is huge.

He is a literature professor, and he digged deep into your nervous komplex the core idea of Laudato Si (praised be).

The creation is not only the nature, but all that is.

The idea by a catholic priest — the big bang theory — is not the stopping of God‘s effect, he is nurturing you all day.

Every day that is.

That is creation.

But hold.

How can you be merciful, if all of the unbalanced wealth and state of being is diminshed? A millionaire can have a huge company, and give people work.

That is dignity, but not mercifulness.

Giving one or two millions to poor people makes you a pedophile, arrgh I meant philanthropist.

That is not sticking one‘s fingers into the wounds of Christ TODAY!

The state of Icons on planet earth today is so, that I wonder if ever people want to sell their products.

They are badly kerned and salvation of ideas is the preeminent concept.

One has to touch the soul of the client, to make an ongoing relationship.

If one fears to do that, he should not enterpreneure.

MBA is an authoritative certificate, which leads one to lead souls.

One is in responsibility of not only the souls of one‘s clients, but also of the business.

So book Office lieb dich for reliable Icons (

The nature is really in a wicked state.

Fighting back with Tsunamis and storms and like that, we are wondering, if patching the ozone layer was the point to go.

One knows, that warming of the climate is not man made, in the core that is.

Introducing the concept of Milankovitch cycles:
How we are adding to that with greenhouse gases is, actually, I am sorry, not known.
But it is a good idea, to hold the footprint low.

Caution, opinion alert!
Friedensreich Hundertwasser on topic:
„Dieser undankbare Mensch holt eben dieses mit langwieriger, kosmischer Mühe zugedeckte Schleimnis und eben diese Giftstoffe wieder an die Oberfläche.“ Sorry for German.

Give me an English Professor to translate that:

Turn to religion, my religion, the catholic believe, ecumenical with Christianity in large, to get the point, Jesus, to hold a life up, that we as “water-sacks” (Star Trek citation) can earn holy completeness with! Will, emotion, thoughts above the body, surrounded by the spirit.

Taoism that is, but the bible does only say that in the inner stories about the kings (mind) and the people (body), so adding to that should be allowed.

My kitchen.

Do you know how fast cooking with induction is.

Boards are very cheap, and you can hold the footprint of greenhouse gases low with that.

Caution, opinion alert.

But have you ever cooked on point? Gas stoves do the same, but one can have trouble in these days, to lay a gas pipe to one‘s kitchen.

Cooking with stopping the cooking of the food immediately in the second more or less one turns the level down? Induction and gas that is! Love.

If one does not know what to cook, turn to this exemplar:
  — (German).
Frozen food is bad.

As in, the inner core never is done, when the outside is done with cooking or frying.

Eskimos know that, and only eat food, that was frozen, after cooking it for days or so.

Ask them.

Nobody is so stupid in a healthy environment to eat that junk.

Microscopes we have.

Freezing food changes the molecular structure of food.

Enough proof that is.

No opinion alert!

The TV is as bad as Carolin Kebekus says, but only in the afternoons, that she says.

And it is true.

One reality show after the other.

At least in Germany.

In other regions I do not know.

But beware.

That is never a sign of reality.

They are casted, the figures in these shows, and represent an image of what the production thinks and feels, and I do not guess, they are covering their mind with the receptions from the spirit.

So hopeless.

Does this really mean, figures show, that this is the one thing, that sells most? Or is it really only self praising and juvenile reception of a world, that is NOT, as these shows show? It is really to wonder, why we get set in front these shows.

Is there any data to show us? Like in “We tried with intelligent formats, and tracked the figures.

But reality shows, that this was not wanted by our clients.rldquo;? Or is the %ldquo;clients” only the advertisement slot bookers, which are soap producers, as the real name soap opera comes from? Need to know.

Legitimate business is always welcome.

Real picture of the earth then?

Skateboarding is a subculture, which made me friends around the world.

I even got a roof over my head out of nothing in Tel Aviv.

That was awesome.

If ever everybody would be like most of my colleagues in this sport.

No bias.

No eye patches.

No xenophoby.

Open to everybody.

Knowing who is friend and foe.

In Miami though it is different.

One gets warned about the socially low elements in skateboarding.


How can it be, that sometimes it is guiding to ones self, and sometimes it is not? One is missing the point, if it is not.

It is a mixture out of martial arts, nerve exercises, mental training.

One never gets as fast feedback on a false mental adjustment, as on a skateboard.

One mistake, one inattentive moment and one can lie on the floor, broken extremities.

It is always the inner life pulsating, if one is aiming at a high rail, jumping down stairs and handling the piece of wood.

There is a lot physics involved.

Or should I talk about the martial arts? In Judo one learns to roll on the floor in the first lesson.

To get prepared of defending body hurting hits to the ground.

Physics tells one the same, to transform the energy into movement.

Do not just cushion the hits to the ground with lame stopping by the arms.



Hitting on the ground from a large height, means one has to control the board so, that it is transformed into forward movement.

That is physics.

Landing on an inclined concrete is always better, than cushioning the hit to the ground with the legs.

If one immediately transforms this movement in forward vectoring, that is the way to go.

So do not be too slow.

Harder impacts are the fruits!

Today I sat with a friend, and he said he ordered Laudato Si by the Pope.

That is awesome.

He was convinced about the man made global warming, we have a foresight of 40° Celsius here.

But I introduced him to the Milankovitch Cycles, and all good.

We are in the way of transforming, and that is good.

Growing is the nature of humans.

Do not think, the creation stopped with creating you.

There is always a place to grow, and that is, what makes sense.

It is the inner meaning of life, just excel and get good by getting better.

Do not stop being good, by not getting better.

That is an old street saying, and it holds.

Today I got the book by Irenaeus of Lyon.

“Das Kreuz Christi bei Irenäus von Lyon”.

It is very promising, and I want to give a link, to look into it:
Look into it.

Really should.

If this is in German, and that might not be able to be read: That is a bummer.

I do not know, if there are releases in other languages, but there should.

Irenaeus lived around 200 BC.

And it was a pleasure to party his day in the church year circle on the weekend before.

It is such a grown theology: The nature of the human is growing, making is God‘s part.

Such a horizon and paved way to go.

Growing, is that not fulfilling the soul‘s needs? I can only praise the Lord and thank him for giving such a thing to us.

The late born.

The after coming.

The people who think, they are so modern.

But modern was written aeons ago already and it never stops.

To hold true.

To be the true essence.

Of life.

Share this knowledge and inner tasting to become your self.

The inner point, where Jesus is, where the life is coming from, which is immortal.

Connected to all through a small point inside your inner being.

That is awesomeness.

Isn‘t it?