A little story.

A little nun lived her life in the convent day by day.

She did not feel day by day, she felt now.

She always lived in peace, had no fear or depression, and moved from one duty to the next.

That was awesome.

She always lived in no other place than the abbey she got given to as a child.

She was not far from the world, because she got sent to the market every day, to sell the goods the other nuns produced.

That were embroideries, cards, letters, icons and so on.

Day by day she was sent to give the heavenly world to the world world.

Deep christian task that is.

All of us have this duty, so she was connected to all people she met, may it be christians or not.

She felt a deep inner love to all living beings.
So it was one day she got a rabbit for one of her statues, she kept in the “treasury box”.

The rabbit was to be eaten.

Slaughtered and eaten.

That was of no way for her to accept.

Such a lovely creature, you cannot eat it.

So she gave the man the statue, and was sure, the blessing of her most powerful sister of doing these blessings was on it.

So she left.

And we with the statue.

Do you know what happened then? The rabbit raiser was given a new life.

He always wanted to write.

He had a pencil and all that, yes.

But where were the ideas and the duties to write? Feeling professional in one sense already, he did not think about leisure writing or such.

One day an old man came, and asked him, if he could not write a letter to the ministry, he has such land, that he needed to discuss with the superiors a new dedicated use of this land.

The rabbit raiser took the pencil and, have a look, wrote the whole day, and it was the best he ever did.

A huge amount of money came out of this letter, and he got back all the letters he never wrote in payment, in one day! That was huge.

So he started to acquire new tasks, to give his new duty life.

And it worked like a charm.

He wrote letters, and advertisements and content for internet sites, and such thing happened, he even got asked to write for a book.


He could not believe where this was coming from, but we all know.

The blessing from the statue was such, that God could not move his gaze from this man, and gave him everything he needed, to refrain from breeding rabbits destined to be eaten.


A Saint Francisian story.

But all that the nun did.

Or the convent.

Who knows.

To let you tell a little story.

All that rabbit raising and breeding was done by me.

I am the lord helped writer, who writes you this.