What is annoying me so much on traditional CMS and frameworks?
One has a CMS, in which one builds the website.

Not Anti Visual CMS offers a light framework, which one builds into the site.

Also it is fast.

There are no superhyperbolic mathematical calculations, to render a page.

All this inflationary code typing, to look good, is so 1989.

We need UX.

We need speed.

We want to sell, and evidence based it is just how it is, that a faster page is crucial for conversion or even the preventing of leaving the site.

There is no help by caching.

What for does one need an overpacked backend? We have 2015.

Contenteditable is no new invention anymore, and when your CMS are stagnating in development: not my fault.

By me they shall stall in their “brand”.

Everything with plug-ins, which should make it easier for the user, but in the end ever and ever takes the blame for crashes and delivers even more scandal than with the before especially and self programmed page.

We have a DIN- and ISO-norm for human-computer-interaction.

So it should be as easy as possible to go towards the user.

And not tell the user, how a komplex has to look.

They all look the same.

Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Typo3, etc.

they all have copied from themselves, or where does the conformity stem from? What use is there for deciding? There is no better.

Everything is a mixup and back and forth, which really nobody needs.

Who, “who” please invented that? That a CMS has to look like that.

With login page, then nicely into the backend, then some, per money or joblessnes developed drag and drop stories, and so on.

And then a whole ecokomplex of templates.


There is anyway never what one wants.

To restructure a komplex is always more difficult and thereby more EXPENSIVE than building it from scratch.

Just because you have an international business, does not mean, you should waive a styleguide for your company, and just take Symphony2.

Just for the codebase? So everybody writes the same, as some French guy, who put something into the world? We have that already in the bible.

Somebody has somewhere written something, and now everybody should comply with that? To align oneself with God is the right thing to do.

And he wants growing and progress, and not an embarassing law-abideness, where his son already died for.

Yes, the religious killed (crucified) Jesus, not the sinners.

It is time for a creative time and the craft of bosses (Agile) or programmers (something else).