Donald Trump.

Obama is there. Why does he — not — stay? Alex Jones predicted once, he will stay forever. Me, as a certified networked thinker, always had trouble to get history. Throwing dates and years at me, did — not — create a picture. Of history. So I did — not — understand what came when. Conspiracy theories helped in that way. Because I could even think of connections, which I never saw before. Such the world history came closer to a senseful event. But Barack Obama. Where do his grey hairs come from? Nice guy. Now we have to, even in Germany, get confronted with Donald Trump. A new Public Relation artist is shaping his campaign now. Paul Manafort learned his “dark” arts in Ukraine. Where he bolstered a close to Russia Yanukovich to new heights. Now Trump gets a forbid on media appearance. He seems to be nice guy about his opponents and everybody. But as a former business associate of Mr.

Manafort in Ukraine said. The morality of Mr.

Trump cannot be changed. But his reputation. That is all. We had a nice US President, who even said, he is happy to have Mrs.

Merkel as a friend. That is global action. We all try to get a more peaceful world. Even when this means, to diminish the devil. Which the Catholic church says, is — not — our task. Without God nobody can reject the devil. Is he — not — a creature? Is mercy the healing way to treat him? Saying no and no discussion is the way the Pope gives us so far. Back to Donald Trump. Can you say he is evil? No. Just getting on my nerves. I, Jan Maybach of lieb dich EU, can — not — really imagine him as a president. And my business is creating things. Which in advance needs an imagination. Without imagination no physical creation. Or politics often is — not — physical. It is spiritual. Even closer to imagination. A vision. Politicians are visionaries. But we need a real utopia. Not — a mind utopia. A spiritual utopia. We Christians get from Paul: We have no staying city, but the future one we are looking for. And Donald Trump is a said Christ. Laying Dollars into the bowl for the host. All done. Campaign success. The new Christian success. The new Exodus. Seems like the Vatican will now be overtaken by Donald Trump. Awesome. Since Pope Francis installed a heavy weight banker for the Vatican Bank, we can now give all to Donald Trump. His money business and his school is probably as sober as the Vatican Bank now. But “the wall just got 10 inches higher” is — not — the mercy we and Paul are talking about. Hmmmm. Error in the Matrix. Seems to be — not — all about money. As far as I get, the complicated US komplex. Is Donald Trump at least possibly able to become a president? Is the republican party — not — denying to list him as a candidate? So far good entertainment. I even took part on Twitter in some shitstorm. And had a nice contact in Kilkenny in Ireland after that. Drinking Guinness and talking about killed knees. Hehe. That was fun. My vote for Donald Trump. Seems to connect people. If that is as imagined? I guess — not. So really: A military force in Donald Trump’s hands? Hmmm. He got advisors and all that. No? Can he really do everything he wants? No. The opposition. We saw that in Barack Obama’s course. So I hope everything will be good. I have nothing to do in USA anymore. And the next president will come soon. As you read this as an english-speaking person. We, at least the youth culture, and so music, is heavily influenced by the US. Jan Maybach — lieb dich EU.